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DownRiver Ice Cream

Allergy Information

  • G= contains gluten products
  • E= contains eggs
  • PN= contains peanuts
  • TN= contains tree nuts
  • S= made with Splenda, artificial sweetner

All of our products contain gelatin—an animal by-product.

All DownRiver Products are made on one machine. While we make great efforts to prevent cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee it.

Special Flavors

Check out our spring specials made for a limited time only!

Blueberry custard ice cream
Parent TrapG,PN
Peanut butter ice cream with oreos - Mmmmmm!

Coconut Frozen YogurtTN
Made with real flakes of coconut, it's the vacation on a cone!
Dirty JoeG
Strong coffee ice cream tossed with big chunks of oreos
Mexican ChocolateE
Our richest chocolate spiced ice cream with cinnamon and a kick of cayenne pepper
Salty "C"G
Salt caramel ice cream with salt caramel swirl and chocolate covered pretzels

Regular Flavors

A River Runs Through It
Smooth chocolate ice cream with a river of chewy caramelization
Almond JoyTN
Coconut ice cream with fresh almonds and a crunchy chocolate swirl
Black MooseE,TN
Rich dark chocolate custard ice cream(contains eggs) with chunks of fresh walnuts
Black RaspberryE
Sweet and Fruity!
Bobby's PistachioTN
Creamy ice cream loaded with fresh all-natural pistachios
Butter PecanTN
Delicious praline pecans churned into a buttery paste
Chocolate Chip
Smooth vanilla with lots of chewy chocolate chips
Cookie DoughG
Vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough bits
Cookies 'n CreamG
Smooth vanilla ice cream with your favorite chocolate cookies
Fresh orange sorbet with creamy vanilla ice cream center- just like you remember!
Custard Cream-aka French VanillaE
Vanilla in an egg custard base—creamy and delicious
Deer TracksPN,TN
Buttery toffee ice cream with peanut butter truffles tracked through with crunch chocolate
French Tarte
Creamy chocolate with a French twist of raspberry
Green Head
Minty ice cream with chewy, chocolate chips. Your chance to bite them!
Happy Birthday to MeE
cake batter ice cream with a confetti of rainbow sprinkles and gluten-free brownie pieces
Hog Island
Chocolate ice cream with chunks of rich fudge brownies
Jerry CherryE
Keep on truckin' with black cherry ice cream and a road of fudge
Konrad's Rum Raisin
Real rum extract and plump raisins make this great!
Kung Fu Grasshopper
Minty ice cream mixed with mellow Oreo cookie halves
Mill River MixTN
Excavate a mother load of fudge swirled through coffee ice cream with chunks of Heath Bar toffee candy
Mocha Chip
Your favorite combination of coffee and chocolate with lots of chocolate chips
Monkey's UncleE,PN
Banana ice cream with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Mug Up
A rich, strong cup of "Joe" in every scooped
"O Snap"G
Fresh ginger ice cream with ginger cookies
Olivia's Chocolate Dream
Old-fashioned chocolate ice cream made with Belgian dark chocolate
Phyrexian Peanutbutter CorruptionPN
Chocolate ice cream loaded with peanut butter truffles and swirls of liquid peanut butter, you can feel the evil in every bite!
Snail TrailPN
Vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips and a trail of peanut butter
Made with fresh strawberries(in season)
Tree SapTN
Chunks of walnuts and 100% Vermont maple syrup
Vanilla Sky
Creamy bliss made with pure vanilla natural extract
White River Junction
Brownie chunks in a river of vanilla ice cream swirled with caramel
Willy Wonka ExplosionPN
A candy store surrounded by vanilla ice cream: M&M's, Butterfingers, and Snickers!

Frozen Yogurt Flavors

Made with 5% milk fat yogurt base

Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip
Black raspberry with chewy chocolate chips
Coffee ToffeeTN
Coffee ice cream with Heath bar pieces
Lemon Chiffon
Just like the cake! Light and lemony

Sorbet Flavors

Fat-free, 100% gluten and lactose free made with real fruit! (Fresh in season)


No Sugar Added Flavors

Sweetened simply with Splenda, and made by Bliss Dairy in Attleboro

Caramel PecanS,TN
Maple WalnutS,TN
Raspberry SwirlS