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Image of the raincatchers around the stores

Dedication to the Environment

Our model here at Downriver is to have as little an environmental impact as humanly possible. Easier said than done, to be sure, but we have made many business decisions that work towards this goal.

We are extremely proud to be able to claim that every single item that leaves our window is fully compostable! From our spoons to our cups and even our straws! We have one single bin for garbage on our premises, which we barely fill once a week. Every other bin is for compost, which is picked up by Black Earth Compost of Gloucester, MA once a week. As a bustling little store, this is something we feel sets us apart from other ice cream stands.

Other odds and ends that work towards reducing our water usage can be seen all around our store. From our locally sourced rain-catchers from Corliss Brothers Garden Center and Nursery down the street, to our low-flush toilet, and even our air-powered ice cream machine, we are working hard to change the status quo of how small businesses interact with the environment they inhabit.

So come down sometime to enjoy the view and some delicious homemade ice cream produced with the intent to leave a place better then when it was found!