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About Us

After a trip to Russia where she tasted the most delicious homemade ice cream she'd ever had, Amy Ahearn's dream of making the best ice cream on the North Shore was born. She and her husband Joe opened DownRiver Ice Cream in 2009 with a simple mission:

Make old-fashioned ice cream with premium ingredients and unique flavor combinations.

Our ice cream is 100% free of:

  • fillers
  • preservatives
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • carrageenan
  • guar gum

The result is a creamy, dreamy ice cream that's pure dairy deliciousness.

In addition to our mission to make delicious ice cream, we're also passionate about preserving the environment. Everything we serve you is in either edible, compostable or recyclable containers. That means that anything that passes through our window to you is 100% environment-friendly. We've also made our ice cream making process as eco-friendly as possible, with an air-cooled ice cream machine that doesn't use any water. Here at DownRiver, preserving the local environment is as important as using local ingredients.

Staff Bios

Owners: Amy Ahearn Amy Ahearn in the Essex store
Amy started DownRiver Ice Cream in 2009. Amy spends the majority of her time running the business and making the ice cream at the flagship store in Essex. Say hello next time you see her!
Director of Flavors: Bennett Ahearn Bennett Ahearn
Amy's son Bennett is in charge of the flavors. He's known for his creative streak, and is always looking for new and innovative flavors to try - you can thank him for DownRiver's Mexican Chocolate and Phyrexian Peanut Butter Corruption! You'll recognize him by his signature bow-tie and friendly smile.